The Cost of Highway Bridge Scour in the State of Minnesota
Different states are faced with different conditions with respect to geology, topography, climate, native vegetation types, bridge ownership, and bridges management systems, which in turn...

The Use of Hydrologic Budget Techniques in Assessing Site Suitability for Wetland Creation
This paper discusses the general concepts and benefits of using of hydrologic budget techniques to describe the typical hydrologic conditions that might be expected at prospective site...

A Strength Sensitivity Index for Assessing Climate Warming Effects on Permafrost

Northern Climate Weathering Tests on Sealed Concrete

Risk-Based Decision Making in Water Resources VII
This volume, Risk-Based Decision Making in Water Resources VII, comprises edited papers from the proceedings of the Seventh Engineering Foundation...

Pedestrian Wind Climate and Water Transport

Economic Effects of Climate Change on U.S. Water Resources

Assessing the Hydrologic Impacts of Climate Change on the Colorado River Basin

Guidelines for Cloud Seeding to Augment Precipitation
This manual of professional practice, Guidelines for Cloud Seeding to Augment Precipitation (ASCE Manual No. 81), is the outgrowth of a committee report by the same...

Understanding How to Maintain Compliance in the Current Regulatory Climate

Alternative Barrier Layers for Surface Covers in Dry Climates

El Niño Effect on Columbian Hydrology Practice

Hydrological Impacts of Climate Changes on a Semi-Arid Region of Brazil

Climate Change: What the Water Engineer Should Know

Assessing Climate Change Impacts on Water Resources in Jamaica

Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Services using Weather and Climate Forecasts

Climate Change Effects on Yaqui Valley Agriculture

Anatomy of the Extraordinary Drought at the United States-Mexico Border

The Duca di Galliera Breakwater of the Port of Genova

Monterey Breakwater: 60 Years of Satisfactory Performance From Undersized Armor Stone





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