Microcomputer Program for Daily Weather Simulation
Extensive climatic data have been collected by the National Weather Service and other agencies, and are available in printed form or on magnetic tapes. The published data are expensive...

Near Real-Time Climatic Data in Illinois
The need for making real-time climatic data available for use was recognized in Illinois, and a concerted effort began in 1983 to develop a system for collecting and disseminating near...

Evaluation of Five Species of Temperate Climate Aquatic Plants for Application in Aquaculture Treatment of Wastewater

Selection of a Land Application System in an Arid Climate

Climatic Change and Streamflow in the Southwest

Wetlands Development in Moderate Wave-Energy Climates
For the last three years springs of Spartina alterniflora have been planted on portions of Theodore Island, a dredged material island in Mobile Bay, Alabama. The purpose of the planting...

High Sediment Concentrations Require High In-Channel/Supply of Sediment
Flows with high sediment concentrations (greater than 10 percent by weight) most commonly occur either as debris flows in steep channels throughout the world, or as hyperconcentrated flows...

Environmental Engineering in an Arctic Region

West Breakwater-Sines Wave Climatology

Magnitude and Frequency of Urban Floods in the United States

Habiganj-Ashuganj Pipeline Project—An Insignia of Appropriate Pipeline Technology for Bangladesh and the Near East

Climate Trends Due to Increasing Greenhouse Gases

Reliability Design of Transmission Lines for Wind

Erosion Control with Saltmarsh Vegetation

Properties of the Mediterranean Coastal Rock-Soil Units Relative to Regional Control

Ironstone Gravels in Eastern Thailand

The Synthesis of Directional Wave Spectra

Estimated Directional Spectra in Wave Power Research

Modelling Climatic Aspects of Pearl River Flooding

Directional Analysis of Vessel Response





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