Large Floods and Climate Change in the Southwestern United States
Floods can have a tremendous impact on water resources but their properties may fluctuate at frequencies that defy recognition in short-term instrumented records. Paleoflood deposits provide...

A Reservoir Yield Evaluation in an Arid Climate
Yield calculations rarely can be more accurate than roughly plus or minus twenty percent. The same uncertainty is dramatically greater in arid climates where the average annual runoff...

Climate Change and Water-Resource Planning

Simulated Effects of Climatic Change on Runoff and Drought in the Delaware River Basin
Various projection of climatic change were applied to watershed models of the Delaware River basin. Simulations indicate that a warming could reduce annual runoff by as much as 25 percent...

Complex Geomorphic Response to Minor Climate Changes, San Diego County, CA
Precipitation in San Diego County, California over the past several hundred years has been characterized by excursions between periods of relatively low precipitation having durations...

Western Surface Climate and Streamflow and the El Nino/Southern Oscillation
Climate variability has direct social and economic impacts the most direct of which occur through the hydrologic cylce. Of primary concern to society are the hydrologic extremes of floods...

Bayesian Framework for Model Structure Uncertainty: Application to Sea-Level Response to Changing Global CO2

Robustness of a Multiple-Use Reservoir to Seasonal Runoff Shifts Associated with Climate Change

Great Lakes Waters: Too Little or Too Much?
Water supplies in the Great Lakes Basin, the world's largest fresh water supply, are more than adequate to meet current and projected needs. However, supplies could become...

Large Space Systems in Global Change Mitigation
Alternative courses of action are an important aspect of reacting to climate changes, including the greenhouse effect, and other environmental issues such as depletion of the ozone layer....

Some Hydrological Impacts of Climate Change for the Delaware River Basin
To gain insight into possible impacts of climate change on water availability in the Delaware River, two models are linked. The first model is a monthly water balance model that converts...

Future Climatic Change and Energy System Planning: Are Risk Assessment Methods Applicable?

Risk-Cost Evaluation of Coastal Protection Projects with Sea Level Rise and Climate Change

Reducing Animal Waste Salts Leached to Groundwater in Semi-Arid Climates, The Chino Basin Study

The Potential Effects of Global Climatic Disruption on Coral Reef Ecosystems

Erosion Management Strategies for the Mahin Mud Beach Ondo State, Nigeria

Emission Rate of Dimethyl Sulfide at the Atmospheric-Oceanic Interface and its Role in Global Climate Change

Sea Level Rise and Hazardous Wastes in the Coastal Zone: An Ecological Perspective

Advanced Technology for the Macro Oceanic and Atmospheric Management Project—Conceptual Image and MOAM Planning

Role of State Department in Environmental Issues
The Department of State plays a key role in resolving international environmental issues. This paper describes how the Department is organized to deal with environmental concerns, discusses...





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