Some Results from the Second Iteration of Total-System Performance Assessment for Yucca Mountain

An Updated Fracture-Flow Model for Total-System Performance Assessment of Yucca Mountain

Planning and Management of Change

Long-Term Evolution of the Biosphere in the Context of High-Level Waste Repository

Molluscs as Climate Indicators: Preliminary Stable Isotope and Community Analysis

Potential of Vertebrate Studies for Assessing Past Climate Variations

Tree-Rings and Climate: Implications for Great Basin Paleoenvironmental Studies

Late Holocene Climate Derived From Vegetation History and Plant Cellulose Stable Isotope Records From the Great Basin of Western North America

Isotopic Studies of Yucca Mountain Soil Fluids and Carbonate Pedogenesis

Paleoclimatic and Paleohydrologic Records From Secondary Calcite: Yucca Mountain, Nevada

Paleoclimate Validation of a Numerical Climate Model

Late Glacial to Modern Climate Near Yucca Mountain Nevada

A Hypermedia Constructability System
Traditional civil engineering follows as segmented process of design then construction. Separating the two provides a system of accountability and creativity. One of the shortfalls with...

Climate Warming and Great Lakes Management
A decision-analysis approach to determining the relevance of information on climate change for near-term Great Lakes management decisions is outlined. Simplified applications to decisions...

Coastal Eutrophication and Temperature Variation
A 3-D hydroecological model has been developed to simulate the impact of climate-change-induced daily temperature variation on coastal water quality and eutrophication. Historical daily...

Climate Change
The wide range of predictions from global climate models most often encourages a wait-and-see approach. These uncertainties and a trust that conventional policy is sufficient to accommodate...

Climatic Perspective on the 1993 Mississippi R. Flood
The 1993 summer flooding in the Upper Mississippi River Basin was the most devastating flood of modern times with damage estimates in the range of 15-20 billion dollars. The paper describes...

Sines West Breakwater Emergency Repair, Hydraulic Studies

Risk-Based Decision Making in Water Resources VI
This proceedings, Risk-Based Decision Making in Water Resources VI, contains edited papers presented at the sixth Engineering Foundation Conference...

Empirical Guidance for Siting Berms to Promote Stability or Nourishment Benefits





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