Correspondence between the SCS CN and Infiltration Parameters

Managing Liability: the Insuror's Perspective

Slope Failure in Colluvium Overlying Weak Residual Soils in Hong Kong

Modeling of Rainfall-Runoff Processes

Detention Storage as an Equivalent Rainfall Depth

A Simplified Method for Sizing Storm Runoff Retention Units

Retention Pools Help Designers to Minimize Environmental Impacts of Drainage Systems

Spatial Effects on Hydrolgic Model Data Requirements

Regulations Affecting Power Plant Construction

Qualification and Training of Inspectors

Computer Pricing Practices
A clear statement of pricing practices for computer services is presented to the civil engineering profession and its clients. Computer usage allows for enhanced values at drastically...

Drainage System Design and Implementation in Southwestern British Columbia

Origin and Evolution of the SCS Runoff Equation

Constructor-Client Interface: Power Plant Start-Up Through Project Completion

A Computer-Aided Customer Information Processing System for Use in Solid Waste Disposal Facilities

Conference on Engineering Ethics
This conference on engineering ethics was probably the first undertaken as a cooperative effort of a number of societies, if not the very first conference ever held dealing exclusively...

Developing and Maintaining Client Relationship in the Marketing of Engineering Services
The need for marketing stems from the fact that a firm must grow. It can grow financially, geographically, in size and by diversifying. Marketing includes keeping existing clients and...

Working with the Health Client

A Rainfall-Runoff Quantity-Quality Data Collection System

Professional Practice of Foundation Engineering—Supplement to Consulting Engineering
A Guide for the Engagement of Engineering Services
The purpose of Professional Practice of Foundation Engineering is to describe the types of services provided to clients by Consulting Engineers...





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