Plot Runoff and Sediment from Simulated and Natural Rainfall

A comparison of Predicted and Observed Runoff Curve Numbers

Regional Application of the Curve Number Method

Assessing Results Weather Modification Programs
There is a continuing need to assess the effectiveness of operational precipitation augmentation weather modification programs. These assessments can serve a variety of needs including:...

Manual 45 — A Guide For Engineering Services and Compensation

Decreases in Runoff and Sediment Yield by Drainage
Runoff and sediment yield from three small agricultural watersheds were measured during four winter rainfall seasons. Following two rainfall seasons of data collection, a subsurface drainage...

Consulting Engineering
How Can Manual 45 be Improved?
Consulting Engineering: A Guide for the Engagement of Engineering Services (Manual 45) has provided guidance in contract negotiations and selection...

Management Planning for Survival and Growth
Essential factors in company growth are the identification of client needs and wants and recognition of the needs and constraints of the organization. Successes are generated by timely,...

Integration of Client/Contractor Project Control

New Developments in Urban Hydrology in France from 1979 to 1982
The period of 1979-1982 is characterized by an important growth of the number of research studies, and financial investments for practical applications of research results. That growth...

Urban Hydrology Progress Since 1979 in the U.S.
Much of the progress in urban hydrology in the U. S. occurred before 1979. Some of the results of activities initiated or reported before that date are just becoming widely known, however....

Recursive Estimation in Nonlinear Hydrologic Model

SCS Rainfall-Runoff Model TR-55 and Proposed Revisions

Roughness Coefficients for Routing Surface Runoff

Role of AMC in Computing Runoff with Curve Numbers

Curve Numbers: A Personal Interpretation

Generalized SCS Runoff and Infiltration Equations

Comparison of Four Rainfall-Runoff Methods

Design Rainfall Patterns for the State of Wyoming

A Data-Based Evaluation of the Curve Number Method





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