Public Speaking for Engineers: Communicating Effectively with Clients, the Public, and Local Government, By Shoots Veis, P.E. Reston, Virginia: ASCE Press, 2017

Good Clients, Good Procurements, and the Importance of Quality Work
This fourth article in the Business of Geotechnics series addresses a number of topics related to engineering and consulting (E&C) firm clients and obtaining work from them. The...

Effects of Prior Rainfall and Storm Variables on Curve Number Rainfall-Runoff

How to Work Effectively with Consulting Engineers
Getting the Best Project at the Right Price for Your Public Constituents
This manual is a comprehensive revision of the previous edition that addresses the procurement of engineering services for a quality project. It outlines the functions of the consulting...

Are Our Clients' Expectations Realistic?

Progress Report: ASCE Task Committee on State of the Practice in Curve Number Hydrology
In response to a growing awareness of the role of the Curve Number method in engineering and environmental impact applications, and its limitations, the Committee was formed in late 1997,...

The Watershed Modeling System
The Watershed Modeling System (WMS) is a comprehensive environment for hydrologic analysis developed by the Environmental Modeling Research Laboratory (EMRL) at Brigham Young University...

How the Impacts of Urbanization Are Being Addressed in the Los Angeles River Watershed
Due to an increased interest and concern about the Los Angeles urban environment, studies have begun to focus on the local water cycle and the impact of impervious land on the Los Angeles...

Los Angeles County Public Transportation System: Its Operation and Use by Customers
The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) Operations Division is organized into four basic units-Metro Bus Operations, Metro Bus Maintenance, Metro Operations Support, and Metro...

Innovative Seismic Strengthening: Meeting the Client's Needs

Basin Response Time: Potential Hydrologic Basin Handprint
Hydrologic lead time is an important factor in many water resources engineering applications. The determination of the response time of a watershed to runoff-producing rainfall is the...

Preparing Specifications for Design-Bid Build Projects
The Committee on Specifications of the Construction Division of ASCE has developed a guide to preparing construction specifications for design-bid build projects. The guide contains preparation...

Operational Modeling System with Dynamic-Wave Routing

Problems in Calibrating Conceptual Rainfall Runoff Models

Investigation of DeLaine's Method

Wet Weather Flow Designs for the Future

Storage-Outflow Modeling of a Headwater Wetland

Enhancement of the Virginia Storm Model for Nonpoint Source Pollution Simulation

Lag Time Characteristics for Small Watersheds in the U. S.

Calibration of a Semi-Distributed Rainfall-Runoff Model Using Global Optimization Strategies





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