Full Scale Field Test of Prefabricated Vertical Drain (PVD) on Soft Bangkok Clay and Subsiding Environment

Interaction Between Soil and Geotextile Reinforcement

Surficial Slides in Highly Plastic Clay Embankments

Transport Analysis for Liners Underlain by Fractured Clays of the Valley of Mexico

Vibro-sealing; A Technique for Waste Containment in Fractured Clayey Till

Prefabricated Vertical Drains Zone of Influence Under Vacuum in Clayey Soil

Artificial Neural Networks for Civil Engineers
Fundamentals and Applications
Sponsored by the Committee on Expert Systems and Artificial Intelligence of the Technical Council on Computer Practices of ASCE. This report describes...

Time Effects on Pile Skin Resistance

Testing of Prestressed Clay-Brick Walls

Prestress Loss Due to Creep in Post-Tensioned Clay Masonry

Permeability of Clay Liners with Contaminants
Clays are increasingly used as liners for waste disposal facilities. Chemical compatibility studies with hydraulic conductivity tests must be performed to determine the effect of the waste...

Contraction Scour at Bridges Founded on Clay Soils
With the federally mandated bridge scour program deadline of January 1997 approaching, scour evaluations are in full progress in many states around the country. A common physical situation...

Retention of Multiple Heavy Metal Ions by Fly Ash
Clayey soils are widely used as liner materials in landfills. They, not only retard the transport of leachates due to their low permeability, but also retain the heavy metal ions due to...

Impacts due to Density Current Deposition in Reservoirs
Different flow pafterns of density currents in reservoirs are discussed. In delta region, lateral density currents from non-stratified flow in the main channel occurs resulting in floodplain...

Radwaste Disposal in Clay—E. C. Everest Project, IPSN Contribution

Sediment Removal from Stormwater Runoff
Sediment traps, also known as baffle boxes, are being used throughout the state of Florida to remove sediment from stomiwater. A baffle box is divided into three compartments by two bathers,...

Laboratory Evaluation of a Conductivity Probe for Scour Monitoring
Laboratory tests were used to evaluate the ability of conductivity sensors to measure streambed elevation. Tests were completed on a 2.1-m probe with a resolution of about 8 cm that was...

Application of Numerical Limit Analyses for Shallow Foundations on Clay

A Unified Description of Soil Behavior

Modeling Stress-Strain Response of Clay Using Neural Nets





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