Using Fibers to Reduce Tension Cracks and Shrink/Swell in a Compacted Clay

Treating Contaminated, Cracked and Permeable Field Clay with Grouts

Flexural Cracking of Compacted Clay in Landfill Covers

Lateritic Soil in Landfill Liners and Covers

Settlement of Clay Cover on Saturated Garbage

Five Factors Influencing the Clay/Geomembrane Interface

Prediction and Performance of Municipal Landfill Slope

Seismic Evaluation of Municipal Solid Waste Landfills

The State-of-Stress in Soil-Bentonite Slurry Trench Cutoff Walls

Particle Mobilization in Sand-Clay Mixtures and Facilitation of Contaminant Removal - Critical Shear Stress Concept

The Use of Upward Hydraulic Gradients to Arrest Downward DNAPL Migration in Fractures

Waste Clay Stabilization with Lime Columns

Effect of Clay and Biosurfactant on the Biodegradation of Toluene

Electrokinetic Extraction of Lead From Spiked Norwegian Marine Clay

Electro-Osmotic Mobility Measurement for Kaolinite Clay

One-Dimensional Experimental Studies on Electrophoresis of Clay

Flexible Membrane Liners
Unless there is a long-range plan for the postclosure use of a landfill--such as turning it into a golf course or a park--final grades are usually designed to be as high and as steep as...

Implementing an Artificial Recharge Program in an Alluvial Ground Water Basin in Southern California

Experimental Modeling of Pile Group in Clayey Soil

Discrete Element Analysis of Clays





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