Use of a Method Specification For In Situ Compaction of Clay-Based Barrier Materials

Stabilized Active Clay by Sand Admixture

Kinematically Unconstrained Compression of Soft Clay

Measured Fill Performance at Berths 212-215 in the Port of Los Angeles
This paper summarizes the performance of an instrumentation fill constructed in open water in the Port of Los Angeles (Port). A new container-handling facility was constructed that consisted...

Mitigation of Acidic Mine Drainage: Engineered Soil Barriers for Reactive Tailings

A Wetlands Sewage Treatment System for the Community of Teslin
The Village of Teslin, with a population of 450, is located in south-central Yukon, approximately 180 km southeast of Whitehorse. Since 1977, the community has been trucking its sewage...

Freeze-Thaw Effects on Clay Covers and Liners
The properties of clay covers and liners used for containing solid waste materials are highly susceptible to environmental stresses. Even when clay layers are protected from drying, freezing...

Stabilized Fly Ash Cover for a Municipal Waste Landfill
The study reported herein and several recently related projects have been aimed at reducing the hydraulic conductivity of fly ash and physiochemically fixing any potential leachable metals....

3-D Testing of Backfill Soil in Buried Pipe Design

A Time-Dependent Microplane Model for Creep of Cohesive Soils
The microplane model is used in this paper to describe the time-dependent (creep) behavior of cohesive soils (clays). The constitutive equations are defined on each of a set of microplanes...

Shallow Foundation Data Base

A Plane Stress Direct Shear Apparatus for Testing Clays

Permeability of Disturbed Zone Around Vertical Drains

Performance of a Welded Wire Wall with Poor Quality Backfills on Soft Clay

Comparative Study of a Geogrid and a Geotextile Reinforced Embankments

Contribution of Vegetation Roots to Shear Strength of Soil

Undrained Strength of NC Clay Under 3-D Conditions

Hydrocarbon Waste Stabilized with a Cemented Clay Matrix

Flow of Surfactant Fluid in Nonaqueous Phase Liquid-Saturated Soils During Remedial Measures

Hazardous Waste Stabilization Using Organically Modified Clays





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