Centrifuge Models of Clay-Lime Reinforced Soil Walls

A System for Measuring Moisture Transients in Clay-Based Barrier Materials

A Study of Slope Stability Analysis

On the Response of Earth Dams Subjected to Earthquake Fault Rupture

Stability and Closure Design for a Landfill on Soft Clay and Peat

An Embankment on Soft Clay With an Adjacent Cut

Design of the Charter Oak Bridge Embankments

Subsurface Characterization and Design of an Ash Landfill on Varved Clays

Earthflow Evaluation and Control: A Case History

Strength Parameters for Cut Slope Stability in Marine Sediments

Comparison of Field and Laboratory Residual Strengths

Stability of the Olga C Test Embankment

Cause and Mechanism of Failure Kettleman Hills Landfill B-19, Phase IA

A Design Method for Reinforced Clay Embankments on Soft Foundations

Piping in Earth Dams of Dispersive Clay (Paper introduced by Norman L. Ryker)
In 1971 Jim Sherard was engaged to investigate the common failure of a group of Soil Conservation Service (SCS) floodwater retarding earthfill dams built between 1957 and 1970, eleven...

Hydraulic Fracturing in Low Dams of Dispersive Clay (Paper introduced by Norman L. Ryker)

Some Engineering Problems with Dispersive Clays (Paper introduced by Lorn P. Dunnigan)

Filters for Silts and Clays (Paper introduced by James R. Talbot)

Evaluation of Expansive Clay Soils in Tucson, Arizona
Research was conducted to investigate the mineralogy, engineering properties, and regional distribution of expansive clay soils in Tucson, Arizona. Data derived from X-ray diffraction...

When Sewer Rehab Doesn't Stop Basement Flooding
The western half of Wilmette, Illinois, is served by separate sanitary sewers. Constructed in the late 1920's, this separate sewer system was among the first installed in northeastern...





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