Geoenvironmental Studies in Mexico City

A Cooperative Clay Blanket Seepage Reduction

Flume Studies on the Erosion of Cohesive Sediments

Erosion Characteristics of Cohesive Sediments

Stream Bank Erosion: Application of the Erodibility Index Method

Management of Surface Irrigation Systems in Heavy Clay Soils

Capping with Fiber Clay
Landfill-cap construction is expensive and often results in economic hardship, especially for small towns. Costs for conventional clay or geomembrane caps for municipal solid-waste landfills...

Application of Soil Suction in Dallas/Fort Worth

Landslides in Glaciomarine Clays of Coastal Maine

Seismic Stability Analysis for Geosynthetic Clay Liner Landfill Cover Placement on Steep Slopes

Soil Barrier Layers Versus Geosynthetic Barriers in Landfill Cover Systems

An Instrumented Jet Grouting Trial in Soft Marine Clay

Proponent of Clay-Based Covers Not Convinced

Waste Containment Facilities
This book presents a comprehensive description of recommended procedures for construction quality assurance (CQA) and control (CQC) for waste containment facilities. Chapter 1 describes...

Testing of Hollow Clay Tile Masonry Prisms
This paper presents test results of 610-mm wide (24-in.) by 1219-mm high (48-in) by 203- or 330-mm (8- or 13-in.) thick prisms constructed of hollow clay tiles. Three prisms were extracted...

Assessing Effects for Disposal Sites off San Francisco
A simple particle tracking model has been used to estimate the size of deposition footprints and transient turbidity effects in the water column resulting from disposal of dredged material...

Saturation and Gas Migration Within Clay Buffers

Estimating Clay Liner and Cover Permeability Using Computational Neural Networks
The ability to provide a quick estimate of the permeability value to be expected in laboratory testing (of field samples) would help to predict potential problems in meeting the permeability...

Design of Clay Liner Permeability at Laboratory Scale Using Expert Systems
Unlike other soil properties, permeability of compacted clay is highly variable. The large number of parameters that affect permeability of compacted clay renders permeability unpredictable...

Settlement of Embankments on Soft Clays
It is now possible to make reliable predictions of settlement of embankments on soft clays. In most situations, where the embankment is designed to resist undrained instability during...





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