Capping with Fiber Clay
Landfill-cap construction is expensive and often results in economic hardship, especially for small towns. Costs for conventional clay or geomembrane caps for municipal solid-waste landfills...

Heave Prediction Using Soil Suction: A Case Study

Application of Soil Suction in Dallas/Fort Worth

Seismic Stability Analysis for Geosynthetic Clay Liner Landfill Cover Placement on Steep Slopes

Waste Containment Facilities
This book presents a comprehensive description of recommended procedures for construction quality assurance (CQA) and control (CQC) for waste containment facilities. Chapter 1 describes...

Chemical Oxidation of Contaminants in Clay or Sandy Soil

Effect of Mixing on Flocculation Kinetics of Kaolin Clay Suspension at Cold Temperature Using Fe(III) Coagulant

Five Factors Influencing the Clay/Geomembrane Interface

Implementing an Artificial Recharge Program in an Alluvial Ground Water Basin in Southern California

Preconstruction Testing of Two Soil Liner Materials

The State-of-Stress in Soil-Bentonite Slurry Trench Cutoff Walls

Flexural Cracking of Compacted Clay in Landfill Covers

Landslides in Glaciomarine Clays of Coastal Maine

Estimating Clay Liner and Cover Permeability Using Computational Neural Networks
The ability to provide a quick estimate of the permeability value to be expected in laboratory testing (of field samples) would help to predict potential problems in meeting the permeability...

Methods to Reduce the Settlement of Embankments on Soft Clay: A Review
New trends have been observed during the past ten years in the practice of settlement control for embankments on soft clays: they include increased use of rigid (piles) or semi-rigid (stone...

Analysis of the Juturnaiba Embankment Dam Built on an Organic Soft Clay
The Juturnaiba Dam, located in the northern part of Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil, has 1.2 km of its length built on an organic soft clay about four meters deep. The construction of the...

Replacement of a Failed Embankment Designed to Accommodate Large Settlement: A Case Study
Thick deposits of soft, normally to slightly preconsolidated, organic clay are common at low elevations along the riverbanks of southeast Texas. Both the moisture content and liquid limit...

Settlements of Highway Embankments on Soft Lacustrine Deposits
This paper presents the settlement study that was conducted in conjunction with the major freeway expansion project planned through Salt Lake City in which existing embankments will be...

An Investigation of the Reinforcing Effect of Stone Columns in Soft Clay
A proposed major extension to an iron ore handling yard was located in an area underlain by soft alluvial clay. Stone columns were proposed to limit settlement of rails supporting the...

Settlement of a Silo Subjected to Cyclic Loading
The paper presents the vertical settlement values for a corn silo located at Ca' Mello, close to Porto Tolle (Italy), and compares it with the theoretical results obtained using a simplified...





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