Evaluation of Long-Term Time-Rate Parameters of Subglacial Till

Strain Rate and Structuring Effects on the Compressibility of a Young Clay

Effects of Stress Ratio on Behavior of Quasi-Preconsolidated Compacted Clay under Plane Strain Compression

Rate and Creep Effect on the Stiffness of Soils

Prediction of Time-Dependent Behaviour of Remolded Soft Marine Clay in Axi-Symmetric Undrained Conditions

Strain Rate Effects on Stress-Strain Behaviour of Clay as Observed in Monotonic and Cyclic Triaxial Tests

Clay Liner Crack Propagation

Measuring and Modeling Time Dependent Soil Behavior
This proceedings presents a series of papers on both laboratory and field investigations, as well as constitutive modeling efforts, that all deal with the time dependence of soils and...

Stability of a Steep Slope Supporting a Building

Surface Thermodynamics of an Organoclay

Laboratory Evaluation of a Conductivity Probe for Scour Monitoring
Laboratory tests were used to evaluate the ability of conductivity sensors to measure streambed elevation. Tests were completed on a 2.1-m probe with a resolution of about 8 cm that was...

A Unified Description of Soil Behavior

Simulation of Pore Pressures in Triaxial Creep Tests

A Diffusion-Type Adsorption Batch Test Method for Determination of Benzene Adsorption on Regina Clay

Application of Numerical Limit Analyses for Shallow Foundations on Clay

Rate-dependent Deformation of Structured Natural Clays

Drained Creep Behavior of Marine Clays

Estimating Contaminant Breakthrough for A Clay-Lined Municipal Solid Waste Landfill

Centrifuge Modelling of Clay Liner Performance Characteristics

Waste Containment with Compacted Clay Liners





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