Sulfide Control in Omaha and Cedar Rapids
Omaha, Nebraska, and Cedar Rapids, Iowa have been involved in efforts to control sulfide in major interceptors, at the influent to the treatment plants, and within the treatment facilities....

Recovery of Freshwater Stored in Saline Aquifers in Peninsular Florida
Subsurface freshwater storage has been operationally tested at seven sites in central and south Florida. Injection was into a high chloride water aquifer at six sites, and into a high...

Elimination of Tidal Inflow—Bridgeport, CT
Using a program of sewer gauging, chloride sampling, sewer system analysis and treatment plant record review, it was determined that Bridgeport's old tide gates allowed 19...

A Rule-Base Inference System for Liner/Waste Compatibility
Determining the chemical compatibility of a liner material for containment of wastes rests mainly on the application of expert opinion to interpret the results of short-term immersion...

Evaluation of PVC Bottom Linear From an Existing Landfill Located in a Subtropical Climate
Remedial action to curtail leachate seepage on a sanitary landfill located in a subtropical climate included the attachment of new PVC liner to an existing 20 mil PVC liner which has been...

A Practical Approach to Selection of Waterline Materials for Use in Expansive Soils
The authors previously investigated the performance of asbestos-cement, polyvinyl chloride and ductile iron pipe in the expansive soil environment. Expansive soil forces on the pipe were...

Nine Years' Service with Deep Polymer Impregnation
A test installation of deep polymer impregnation was applied to a heavily traveled bridge deck in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, in 1975. The deep polymer impregnation process involved drying...

Phosphorus Removal Experiences at AWT Facilities

Data Base on the Characteristics of Leachate from Hazardous Waste Landfills

A Look at the New ACI Concrete Code
Building Code Requirements for Reinforced Concrete (ACI 318-83) is discussed in terms of three major changes: limitations on chlorides, especially in aggregates, that affect durability;...

Plastic Lining on the Riverton Irrigation Project

Mixing in the Epilimnion of the Dead Sea

Ion Exchange and Membrane Processes for Nitrate Removal from Water

Deformation Effects of Random Salt Creep Variation

Underground Plastic Pipe
Thirty-nine of the papers presented at the 1981 International Conference on Underground Plastic Pipe are included. The types of pipes examined include: thermoplastics, thermosetting plastic...

Design and Installation of Underground Plastic Sewer Pipes

Strain as a Design Basis for PVC Pipes

Plastic Gravity Sewer Pipes Subjected to Constant Strain by Deflection

PVC Pipe Performance in Water Mains Sewers

Time Dependent Performance of Buried PVC Pipe





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