The Transportation System for the New Hong Kong International Airport
The decision by the Hong Kong Government in 1989 to relocate the city airport at Kai Tak had resulted in the largest infrastructure project ever undertaken in Hong Kong in recent times....

Hong Kong's Public Transport System: Harmonizing Choice, Diversity and Urban Integration
The benefits of integrating railways with land use planning and active urban development and why this is rather successfully achieved in Hong Kong are discussed. The people of Hong Kong...

Beijing Public Transport Company: Facing the 21st Century
As the major operator of Beijing conventional surface public transportation, the Beijing Public Transport Group Company, Ltd. (BPTC) provides services not only to the urban and suburban...

Socioeconomic Characteristics, Land Use and Travel Patterns of the Municipality of Beijing, China
The Beijing authorities have tackled the inherited problems of access and mobility, and have aimed to cater for increased transport demands and higher expectations of level of service...

Public Transport Reform and Development in China: World Bank Perspective and Experience
It is observed that traditional bus shares have declined precipitously in many cities across China during the past 15 years. This paper reviews the factors underlying this trend, the goals...

A Systems Dynamics Model for the Development of China's Aviation System

Pier Scour Equations Used in China

Japan–U.S.–China International Joint Study on the Mitigation of Earthquake Hazards, Part 1: Overall Program and Its Implementation Among the Three Countries

Japan–U.S.–China International Joint Study on the Mitigation of Earthquake Hazards, Part 3: Current Approaches in Seismic Measures for Building Structures (China-Side Features)

Pier Scour Equations Used in China

Composite Structural System for an 88-Story Tower

Daewoo Business Center, Shanghai, China

Opportunities in Asia
An Assessment of Construction Trends, Needs, and Potential Collaborations
Prepared by Civil Engineering Research Foundation. This book presents findings of a 1996 technology assessment mission to East Asia that examined the...

Flying Masts Soar Over Shanghai

Eight Years Wave Hindcast at the Coastal Area of the East China Sea and Estimation of Wave Climate

Motorization: Positive Roles and Issues

ITS Development in China: Some Strategic Issues

On Developing Refrigerated Container Transportation

LRT Priority at Congested Intersections: Case Study of Hong Kong LRT

Development of the Railway Concentrating Transport in China





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