Flood Destruction and Abatement in China
About two-thirds of Chinese territory experiences flood disas ters of different types and varied degrees. The flood disasters in the east half of China are mainly caused by excessive rainfalls...

An Evaluation of Tidal Predictions in the Yellow and East China Seas

Full-Scale Test Studies on Prevention of Frost Damage for Retaining Wall Reinforced with Geotextile

Hong Kong Flies into the Future
Hong Kong's new airport, Chek Lap Kok, is scheduled to open in 1997. That is the year in which China takes over the government of Hong Kong from Great Britain. The airport,...

Research on Structural Types of Wharf in River Ports of China

Monitoring System for Tsing Ma Bridge

Modern Suspension Bridges in China

Urban Wastewater Management in Southern Jiangsu

Water Surface Oscillation In a Deep Sewer Tunnel System

Cross Border Disposal of Radioactive Wastes (Part II): Preliminary Case Study

A Case Study on Artificial Recharge of Groundwater Into the Coastal Aquifer in Longkou, China

Artificial Recharge and Quality Variation in Shanghai

Erratum for Hong Kong Flies into the Future

A Perspective on Sediment Research in China

Some Research Aspects of Xiaolangdi Multipurpose Project

Fluvial Processes of the Yangtze River and Yellow Rivers

The Six-Year National Development Plan of the Republic of China in Taiwan -- an Update Report

Development of the Hydropower and Environment

Model Development of the Francis Turbines for the LiJiaXia Project in China

Hydrological Characteristics, Power Development and Environmental Impacts of the Run-of-River Stations in Southern China





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