Analysis of R/C Chimneys with Soil-Structure Interaction

Blast Demolition of Reinforced Concrete Industrial Chimneys
On some of recently demolished chimneys, transient measurements were taken, in the vicinity of the tilting hinge, during the process of falling down. Thus, corresponding dynamic computational...

Failure of the Turkey Point Unit 1 Reinforced Concrete Chimney During Hurricane Andrew

Fission Product Distribution in Nuclear Test Cavities/Chimneys
When a nuclear device is exploded, residual radioactive material is distributed throughout the resulting underground cavity and rubble chimney. Refractory materials are more concentrated...

Time Dependent Stochastic Characteristics of the Lateral Random Vibration of Tall Structures with Circular Cross-Section
From full scale measurement of the pressure field at three levels of a concrete chimney with 230 m height the lift coefficient is deduced and the lateral oscillation is investigated. The...

On the Failure Probabilities of R/C Chimneys
A procedure to estimate failure probabilities of structural systems such as reinforced concrete (R/C) chimneys under severe wind loading which allows for considering realistic correlation...

Nonlinear Dynamic Response of Industrial R/C Chimneys
Gust response factors (GRF) based on nonlinear dynamic analysis including the PΔ effect are calculated. All sample structures analyzed show clearly that, for wind speeds exceeding the...

On the CICIND Code
The CICIND Model Code for Concrete Chimneys was created by CICIND, an international technical association which has as one of its main aims the creation of harmonized internationally accepted...

Aerodynamic Modeling of Chimneys
The wake induced acrosswind behavior of circular cross-section structures, such as industrial chimney, has been studied for many years using wind tunnel models. Due to the relaxation of...

Wind Forces Measured on a Tall R.C. Chimney
This paper describes some aspects of an analysis performed on measurements of a variety of parameters relating to the wind, wind forces on and the response of a tall chimney. The results...

Hollow Conic Shell Foundation and Calculation

A Practical Probabilistic Model

Structural Characterization Of Concrete Chimneys

Design and Construction of Steel Chimney Liners
This is believed to be the first book to be compiled and published on this subject, even though the steel liner is now the most widely used in fossil-fueled electric generating stations...

Seismic Forces and Overturning Moments in Buildings, Towers and Chimneys

Introduction to the ASCE Recommended Practice for the Design and Construction of Steel Chimney Liners

Dynamic Response of Steel Chimney Liners to Flue Gas Flow

Dynamic Behavior of Steel Chimney Liners

Modeling Gas Mixing Within Steel Chimney Liners

Thermal Behavior of a 1000 Foot Steel Chimney Liner





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