Evaluation of Nitrate Treatment Methods Under Uncertainty
There are several methods of removing nitrate from drinking water with varying degrees of cost and system perfonnance. In this study, the cost-effectiveness of the following nitrate removal...

Reflections on the Regulatory Reform Debate

Earth Reinforcement and Soil Structures
Few subjects in recent years have raised the general interest and imagination of the Civil Engineering profession as the concept of reinforcing soil. The basic simplicity of the principles...

Case History of a Lined Wastewater Treatment Lagoon Failure

ASTM A913/A913M: The Perfect Steel for Seismic Design

Effect of Copper Slag on the Hydration of Blended Cementitious Mixtures

Numerical Simulation of DNAPL Emplacement and Redistribution in Heterogeneous Porous Media at the M Area of the Savannah River Site

2-D Experimental Investigation of Surfactant Mobilization of Light Nonaqueous Phase Liquid

Slowing Corrosion Damage in Concrete: The Use of Organic-Coated, Ceramic-Clad, Metallic-Clad and Solid Metallic Reinforcing Bars

Evaluating Coatings for Concrete Wastewater Facilities

Application of the Hydrocarbon Spill Screening Model to Field Sites

Enhancement of In Situ Zero-Valent Metal Treatment of Contaminated Groundwater

Fundamental Modeling of Chloride Diffusion in Concrete

Water Resources Planning for the Fort Peck Indian Reservation, Montana
Water resources planning in Indian Country has produced varied results. On the Fort Peck Indian Reservation, the Assiniboine and Sioux Tribes are using an integrated approach to managing...

Multi-Scale Models of the Diffusivity of Concrete

In Situ Groundwater Treatment by Granular Zero-Valent Iron Design, Construction and Operation of an In Situ Treatment Wall

In Situ Plume Interception and Treatment Technologies: An Overview

Comparison of Near-Field Dilutions Derived from In Situ Measurements and Simulated Dilutions at the Sand Island Sewage Outfall Plume, HI
Near-field dilutions of the Sand Island Treatment Plant (SITP) wastewater plume were derived from salinity measurements made at the sewage outfall between Sept. 25–Oct. 1, 1994, a period...

Groundwater Recharge with Reclaimed Water Another Step Closer to Potable Reuse
California.s water supply is becoming increasingly unreliable, and investments to make water more reliable must be seriously investigated. In this arid region of Southern California, reclaimed...

Biological and Chemical Testing in Storm Water





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