Odor Control Process Selection Confirmation Using Dispersion Modeling

Gravel Mining Impacts on San Benito River, California

Two-Dimensional Flow and Transport Modeling for Hydraulic Design and Analysis of Treatment Wetlands

Hydraulics of Submerged Flow Constructed Wetlands with Plants

Interaction Between River-Bed Degradation and Growth of Vegetation in Gravel Bed River

Environmental Change by a Water Front Development

The Use of Drainage in Expanding the Capabilities of Irrigated Land Application Systems

Subsurface Water Movement on an Agricultural Watershed

A 2-D Non-Equilibrium Approach for Nonuniform Sediment Transport Modeling

Water Quality of Kangra Valley (India) - A Case Study

Probabilistic Management Model for Water Quality

Managing the Water Contaminants

Design of Clarifiers and Sedimentation Basins Using an Advanced Numerical Modeling Approach

Long-Term Impacts of Ground Water Treatment Residual Waste Disposal Practices and Subsequent Ground Water Remediation

Seismically-Induced Deformations of Caisson Retaining Walls in Improved Soils

Water Resources and Environment
This proceedings, Coordination: Water Resources and Environment, consists of papers presented at ASCE's 25th Annual Conference...

Tijuana River Crossing Using Horizontal Directional Drilling: A Case History

Using GIS Based Models to Plan Regional Reclaimed Water Pipeline Networks

Case Study: Crossing of Existing PCCP Aqueducts A and B, Southern Nevada Water Authority Las Vegas, Nevada

North City Tunnel Connects to New Water Reclamation Plant





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