Damping Characteristics of a Steel Lattice Structure

Degradation Diagnosis of Structural Members Using Strain Energy Approach

Natural Frequencies of Guyed Communication Towers

Simplified Blast Analysis Methods Used for Petrochemical Buildings

Blast Resistant Design in Petrochemical Facilities Existing Building Evaluation and Retrofit Design

Contributions of Earthquake Reconnaissance to Improved Understanding of the Seismic Behavior of Nonstructural Components

Overview of Recommended Guidelines for Wind Loads on Petrochemical Facilities

Application of Wind Loads on Petrochemical Facilities to a Representative Process Industries Structure

Analysis of Beam-Column Joints in Hybrid Structures

Behavior of Composite Structures Under Cyclic Loading

Optimized Steel Frame Design Using a Genetic Algorithm

Finite Element Modeling of Concrete Bridge System Prestressed with Carbon Fiber Composite Cables

Improving Analysis of Bolted Wood Connections: A Three Dimensional Model

Estimation of Residual Stresses in Thick Section Weldments

The ASCE Task Committee on Seismic Evaluation and Design of Petrochemical Facilities

Analysis Methodologies for Seismic Evaluation and Design of Petrochemical Facilities

Seismic Design Considerations for Petrochemical Facilities

General Considerations for Seismic Evaluation and Retrofit of Petrochemical Facilities

Parametric Study for Buckling of Liners: Effect of Liner Geometry and Imperfections

Monitoring and Repair by Release of Chemicals in Response to Damage





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