Liquid Wastes and Industrial Sludge

Anaerobic Degradation of Linoleic and Oleic Acids

Summary Report of Bioassays for the City of Hollywood Water Plant Membrane Reject Water as it Mixed with Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) Effluent in an Ocean Outfall Environment

Activated Al/Al2O3 for Transformation of Chlorinated Hydrocarbons

The Emergence of Spill Prevention Concerns for Water Resources
In Regions where water pollution control programs have succeeded in cleaning up our waters, spills from fixed installations and vessels, trucks and trains continue to represent a very...

Seismic Evaluation of Major River-Crossing Bridges in Mid-America

Finite Element Analysis of a Wheel Rolling in Snow

Modeling River Ice Using Discrete Particle Simulation

Analysis of Ice Forces on Small Conical Structures

Determination of the Residual Stress Profile in a Thin Composite Part

Two-Dimensional Coastal Modeling for Bridge Scour

Selection of Remedial Action for a DNAPL Spill

Diffraction and Refraction of Multi-Directional Waves

Harbour Resonance and Wave Disturbance Studies in Baleeira Harbour by Using the DREAMS Numerical Model

Mediation of Metal Element Partitioning in Urban Runoff by Entrained Solids

UV or not UV? That is the Question

Comparing Rankings of Selected TRI Organic Chemicals for Two Environments Using a Level III Fugacity Model and Toxicity

Taste and Odor Control in Drinking Water with Potassium Permanganate

Analysis and Application of Eulerian Finite Element Methods for the Transport Equation

Barotropic Tidal and Residual Circulation in the Arabian Gulf





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