Optimal Design of 2-D Frames Using a Genetic Algorithm

Numerical Study on Effects of Leakage from Phreatic Aquifer on Flow in Confined Aquifer

Spillway-Powerhouse Interaction at Chickamauga Dam

Deformation Measures for Granular Materials

Architecture and Design of the ALADDIN Matrix and Finite Element Environment

Degradation of Natural Building Stone
This proceedings, Degradation of Natural Building Stone represents an effort to collate the various disciplines working in the area of building...

Analysis of Flow of Ore Materials in a Conveyor Transfer Chute Using Discrete Element Method

Use of Fuzzy Methods to Assess the Reliability of Air Stripping Towers

Parametric Study for Buckling of Liners: Effect of Liner Geometry and Imperfections

Construction in the UK Petrochemical Industry - Aspects of Concurrent Engineering Practice

Wind Loads and Anchor Bolt Design for Petrochemical Facilities
Current codes and standards do not address many of the structures found in the petrochemical industry. Therefore, many engineers and companies involved in the industry have independently...

More Misapplications of the Finite Element Method

The Effect of Particle Damage on Wave Propagation in Granular Materials

Effective Slab Width for Composite Cable-Stayed Bridges Using Finite Elements

Three-Dimensional Finite Element Study of Wheel Load Interaction

Computer Analysis, Vincent Thomas Bridge

Improving Analysis of Bolted Wood Connections: A Three Dimensional Model

Simplified Blast Analysis Methods Used for Petrochemical Buildings

Application of Discrete Event Methodologies to Urban Multimodal Transportation Systems

A Two-Level Approach for the Control of Freeways





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