Stabilization and Closure Design of a Salt Mine

Strength Gain of Organic Ground with Cement-Type Binders

Chemical Stabilization of Kaolinite by Electrochemical Injection

Long-Term Effects of Suspended Solids Loads on Constructed Wetland Performance
Discussion session summary....

Sustainability Criteria for Water Resource Systems
This committee report, Sustainability Criteria for Water Resource Systems, addresses the need and challenge to reexamine our approaches to...

Grouts and Grouting
A Potpourri of Projects
This proceedings, Grouts and Grouting: A Potpourri of Projects, consists of papers presented at sessions sponsored by the Geo-Institute in...

Solutions Manual-Fluid Mechanics
An interactive Text
The solutions to the end-of-chapter exercises of Fluid Mechanics: An Interactive Text are contained in this manual. These solutions are meant...

Organochlorines: The Silent Killer

The State Water Resources Control Board's Marine Bioassay Project

The Quincy Mine Tramway

New Shiploading System for Pacific Coast Terminals

Tieback Anchors for Rehabilitation of a Steel Sheet Pile Wharf

The Limnoria Has Landed!

Navigating the Planning and Implementation Efforts of a Dredging Project Amidst the Myriad of Local, State and Federal Bureacratic Floating Mines

Harbour Resonance and Wave Disturbance Studies in Baleeira Harbour by Using the DREAMS Numerical Model

Development of Sand Island with Vegetation in Fluvial Fan River Under Degradation

Analytical Simulation of VOC Transport in the Vadose Zone

Barotropic Tidal and Residual Circulation in the Arabian Gulf

UV or not UV? That is the Question

Evaluation of the ChemTech Soil Treatment Process to Clean Up Metals and Hydrocarbon Contaminated Soils





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