Sediment Quality-Based Point Source Permitting

Strength and Stiffness Degradation of Concrete in Compression

Effective ELastoplastic Behavior of Two-Phase Ductile Matrix Composites: Micromechanics and Computational Aspects

Dynamic Stability Analysis of a Bridge Pier

Damage Evolution in Metal Matrix Composites Subjected to Thermomechanical Fatigue

Finite Element Implementation of the Overall Approach to Damage in Metal Matrix Composites

Current Issues in Elastic Degradation and Damage

Elastoplastic Bifurcation in Cosserat Continua

Constitutive Singularities of Combined Elastic Degradation and Plasticity

Electro-Mechanical Constitutive Behavior of Various Compositions of PZT: I. Experiment

Direct Observation of Deformation of Granular Materials Through X-ray Photographs

Simulation of Elastic Wave Propagation in a Composite Piezoelectric/Metallic Medium Using Finite Elements

Modelling Stress State-Dependent Deformation Behavior of Polycrystalline Metals

Analysis of Anisotropy in Sheet Forming Using Polycrystal Plasticity

Double Slip Polycrystal Plasticity and Complex Loading of OFHC Copper

A Viscoplasticity Model with Directional Hardening for Metals at High Temperature

Modelng of Strength Degradation Due to Pre-Loading Effects in Brittle Solids

Acceleration of Shotcrete by Calcium Aluminates Using Portland Cements From Different Countries and Different Cement Extenders with Particular Reference to Canadian Needs: A Brief Survey

Measuring Geomechanical Properties of Topopah Spring Tuff at the 1-Meter Scale

A Capillary Network Model for Gas Migration in Engineered Barriers





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