Uniaxial Cyclic Behavior of Discontinuous Fiber Reinforced Composites

Glascrete? - Disposing of Non-Recyclable Glass

Multi-Scale Models of the Diffusivity of Concrete

Evaluation of Crumb Rubber (CRM) as a Smart Additive in Asphalt Concrete Mixes

Characterization of a Nonlinear Polymer-Based Composite Material System

Detection of ASR in PCC Using Ultrasonic Waves

Degradation of Reinforced Concrete Structures Under Aggressive Conditions

Slowing Corrosion Damage in Concrete: The Use of Organic-Coated, Ceramic-Clad, Metallic-Clad and Solid Metallic Reinforcing Bars

Corrosion and Hydrogen Permeation Inhibition by Thin Layer Zn-Ni Alloy Electrodeposition

Electrochemical Treatment of Concrete: A New Approach to Extend the Service Life of Chloride Contaminated, Carbonated, or Alkali Silica Reactive Concrete Structures

Copper Precipitation Hardened, High Strength, Weldable Steel

Effect of Copper Slag on the Hydration of Blended Cementitious Mixtures

Developing the Infrastructure for Lead Assessment and Abatement

Engineered Contaminated Soils and Interaction of Soil Geomembranes
Due to liability issues, landfills are no longer considered the best method of waste disposal. Innovative, safe disposal methods for large quantities of contaminated soils and waste are...

Biological and Chemical Testing in Storm Water

Characterization and Remediation of Soils Contaminated with Copper

Methods to Evaluate the Environmental Impact of Sodium Silicate Chemical Grouts

Properties of a Natural Clay Used to Contain Liquid Wastes

Effect of Degree of Saturation on the Adsorption Characteristics of Inorganic Chemical in Unsaturated Soils

Dynamic Underground Stripping to Remediate a Deep Hydrocarbon Spill





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