Characterization and Remediation of Soils Contaminated with Copper

Methods to Evaluate the Environmental Impact of Sodium Silicate Chemical Grouts

Properties of a Natural Clay Used to Contain Liquid Wastes

Effect of Degree of Saturation on the Adsorption Characteristics of Inorganic Chemical in Unsaturated Soils

Dynamic Underground Stripping to Remediate a Deep Hydrocarbon Spill

Electrokinetic Extraction of Lead From Spiked Norwegian Marine Clay

Effect of Zeta Potential on Soil Electrokinesis

Preliminary Investigation of the 317 Area, ANL-E

Groundwater Development in an Arid Environment

Contaminated Sediment Dredging in a Tidal Estuary

DOW A-22 Barge and Ship Dock Project

Evaluation of Permanent Monitoring Sensors of Navy Piers

High Performance Steel-The Material of the Future

Inspection and Evaluation of Structural Members and Connections in the USS Constitution

Use of Fuzzy Logic in the Quantification of Dynamic Uncertainties Due to Degradation

Partnering with the Enemy
When you think of EPA and a major corporation, you probably envision them squaring off in court over a Superfund site. But these days representatives from the two groups are just as likely...

Geoenvironment 2000
Characterization, Containment, Remediation, and Performance in Environmental Geotechnics
The impact of rapid industrialization around the globe and unsafe waste management practices have become increasingly significant within the last two decades as the disclosed number of...

Greening of Ground Water
As many as 69 different organic compounds and 24 metal species can be found in ground water underlying the 85 acre Bofors-Nobel Superfund site in Muskegon County, Mich., a testimony to...

Wetland Biotransformation of Atrazine

Impacts of Highway Runoff on Surface Water Drinking Supplies





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