Implementing an Artificial Recharge Program in an Alluvial Ground Water Basin in Southern California

Estimating the Economic Value of Risk Reducations from Deep Draft Channel Widening

Cost-Benefit Analysis of Urban Stormwater Controls

Second-Order and Overall Stability Analyses for Tall Building Structures with Stepped Cross-Sections and with Floor Slab Deformations Considered

The Great Netherland Flood of '93 and Its Impact on Navigation

Compaction Grouting in a Canyon Fill

Calculation of Flow Resistance for River Channel Restoration

2D Modeling of Class B Bridge Flow in Steep Channels

Turbulence Characteristics of Flow Over a Cobble Bed

Analysis of the Creeping Behavior of a Natural Slope in Kentucky

Simulation of General Scour at the US-59 Bridge Crossing of the Trinity River, Texas

Reliability of Bridge Foundations in Unstable Alluvial Channels

Stable Channel Sediment Load

Landslides in Glaciomarine Clays of Coastal Maine

Navigation Problems on the Zaire River, Africa

Vegetation and Stream Stability: A Scale Analysis

Development of a High Resolution Spectrometer for Measuring the Near-Earth RFI Environment: The First Auto-Correlator in Space
A detailed description of the near-Earth RFI (radio frequency interference environment in the 0.5 - 16.5 MHz range is required before low frequency arrays can be designed and implemented...

A Generalized Approach to the Local Stability of Stiffened Plates: Part II–Approximate Solution
The paper presents an approximate solution for the prediction of the buckling stress of stiffened plates under combined loadings. A closed form expression is presented for the buckling...

Discrete Field Stability Analysis of X-Braced Lattices
The three-dimensional X-braced lattice is used as a compression member in structures ranging from the long span roof of buildings to radio and television antennas. In such cases the design...

Effects of Spatial Triangulation on the Behavior of Tensegrity Domes
A number of long span 'tensegrity' dome type structures have recently been realized pursuant to the inventions of R. Buckminster Fuller and David H. Geiger. These structures have demonstrated...





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