Effect of Ground-Water/Surface-Water Interactions on Nitrate Concentrations in Discharge from the South Platte River Alluvial Aquifer, Colorado

Evaluation of Induced Infiltration in Glacial Drift Aquifers

Simulation of Interaction Between Ground Water in an Alluvial Aquifer and Surface Water in a Large Braided River

Geohydrology and Water Quality of the North Platte River Alluvial Aquifer, Garden County, Western Nebraska

Slow Moving Debris Flows in the Isère Valley, France

Exploration and Remediation of U.S. Route 189 Hoover Landslides

Performance of Improved Ground During Earthquakes

Mariner Square Bulkhead Ground Improvement-A Case History

Instrumentation and Measurements of a Type-A Insert Wall

Foundation Repair Using Helical Screw Anchors

Seismic Stability Analysis for Geosynthetic Clay Liner Landfill Cover Placement on Steep Slopes

Innovative Cover Design for 2:1 Slopes Complying with California Closure Criteria

Geotechnical Monitoring of the OII Landfill

A Test Program to Verify Grouting Effectiveness for Boston's Central Artery/Tunnel Project

Soil Improvement for Earthquake Hazard Mitigation
This proceedings, Soil Improvement for Earthquake Hazard Mitigation, contains the eight papers presented at two Geotechnical Engineering Division...

Habitat Modeling in a Southeastern Alluvial Floodplain River

Assessing Mobility of Household Organic Hazardous Chemicals in Landfill

Canal Dike System Improvements

Stress Fluctuations and Shear Zones in Quasi-static Granular Chute Flows

Stream Classification





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