Reliability Based Design of Reinforced Earth Structures

Building an International Community of Structural Engineers
This proceedings, composed of two volumes, contains the papers presented at the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Fourteenth Structures Congress held in Chicago, Illinois, USA,...

Soil Creep and Creep Testing of Highly Weathered Tropical Soils

Jamming of the Flow of Granular Materials

Bank Protection Toe-Downs and Local Pier Scour
The zone-of-influence for pier scour may impact bank protection toe-down depths. Countermeasures were required at a site along the Salt River in Phoenix, Arizona when the alignment of...

Soil Stabilization Utilizing Alternative Waste Materials

Design of Guide Banks for Bridge Abutment Protection
As an alternate to designing bridge abutments to withstand the development of the full scour prism predicted by equations currently available for estimating abutment scour, FHWA recommends...

Liability to Asset: Beneficial Reuse of Stabilized Contaminated Soils

Assessments of Lateral and Torsional Structural Responses Induced by Incoherent Ground Motions

Methods to Evaluate the Environmental Impact of Sodium Silicate Chemical Grouts

Practice Improvements for the Design and Construction of Clay Barriers

Stability Analysis of Landfill Slopes: A Probabilistic Approach

Containment, Stabilization and Treatment of Contaminated Soils using Insitu Soil Mixing

Lime Stabilization and Disposal of Contaminated Dredged Harbor Sediments

Waste Clay Stabilization with Lime Columns

Solidification/Stabilization of Phenol Contaminated Soils

Fluidized Bed Ash as a Soil Stabilizer in Highway Construction

Co-evolution of Harbor Maintenance Dredging, Environmental Regulations, and Open-water Disposal Site Management: A Twenty-Year Perspective

San Juan Harbor Navigation Channel Design

Probabilistic Design of Navigation Channel Depths





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