A Hydrological Study in Minesing Swamp, Ontario

New Adventures in Bioengineering, Willow Curtains and Willow Poles

Seismic Design of a Landslide Stabilization Wall in Seattle Clays

Levee Design for Flood Protection on Alluvial Fans

Vessel Access Simulation to Rationalize the Tug Assistance Program in the Port of El Tablazo, Venezuela

Olmsted Locks and Dam

Evaluation of the Tensar ARESTM Retaining Wall System
Prepared by the Highway Innovative Technology Evaluation Center (HITEC), a CERF Service Center. This report evaluates the ARES Retaining Wall System,...

Mitigating Losses in Bangladesh's Active Floodplains

Flood Protection Using Inflatable Dams

Streambank Restoration Design with Vinyl Sheet Pile Grade Control Structures

Aesthetics of Controlling Erosion in Open Channels

Demonstration Marsh Permitting Issues

The Economic Benefits of Urban Stream Restoration

Contributions of Earthquake Reconnaissance to Improved Understanding of Ground Motions

The Alluvial Progress of Piedmont Streams

Development and Application of the Rapid Stream Assessment Technique (RSAT) in the Maryland Piedmont

Channel Stability Assessment for Flood Control Projects
This manual provides assistance for determining potential channel instability and sedimentation effects in flood control projects. It is intended to facilitate consideration of the type...

Gradually Varied Granular Flows in a Vertical Chute

Chute Flows of Granular Materials with Frictional Energy Dissipation

Compaction GroutingState of the Practice 1997





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