Replacement of a Ceramic Tile/GFRC Building Skin with Aluminum

Saving Face
Inspections revealed that the glass-fiber-reinforced concrete (GFRC) and ceramic tile cladding on a wing of the University of Washington Medical Center, Seattle, failed and needed to be...

Recycling Dredge Materials for Beneficial Use

Corrosion Test on Candidate Waste Package Basket Materials for the Yucca Mountain Project

Surface Reactivity of High Level Waste Matrices Characterized by Radiometric Emanation Method

Slowing Corrosion Damage in Concrete: The Use of Organic-Coated, Ceramic-Clad, Metallic-Clad and Solid Metallic Reinforcing Bars

From Damage to Fracture Mechanics and Conversely A Combined Approach

Residual Effects in Continuum Damage of Ceramics at Fatigue

Current Issues in Elastic Degradation and Damage

Some Problems of Electroelastic Fracture

Electro-Mechanical Constitutive Behavior of Various Compositions of PZT: I. Experiment

Diffraction of an Antiplane Shear Wave by a Finite Crack in an Orthotropic Piezoelectric Ceramic

Damage Localization in Heterogeneous Materials

Effect of Temperature on Accurate Interpretation of Data from Piezoelectric Sensors

Development, Testing and Modeling of Ceramic Composites for Lunar Applications
The procedure referred to as thermal liquefaction allows production of Intermediate Ceramic Composites (ICC) from lunar simulants with various admixtures. For their use as structural materials...

Analysis of Glass-Ceramic Production from Lunar Resources
Two simulated regoliths were used to investigate the effects of processing and composition on the properties of lunar-derived glass-ceramics. For the simulant with moderate iron concentration,...

Treatment of Oil in Water Emulsions by Ceramic-Supported Polymeric Membranes
A novel membrane was developed by growing polymer chains from the surface of a porous ceramic support, resulting in a composite membrane which combines the mechanical properties of the...

The Chemistry of MDF Materials

Experimental Synthesis of Crystalline Matrices Based on Ce, Ba, Sr Zirconates for Immobilization of High-Level Radioactive Actinides
Experimental investigations are carried out at the Radium Institute to create different by their properties crystalline matrices, alternative to SYNROC, for incorporation of partitioned...

Factors Affecting Performance of Vitrified Wasteforms
The acceptability and usefulness of mathematical models for predicting the performance of vitrified wasteforms can be enhanced by their validation using laboratory data generated under...





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