Modeling the Influence of Groundwater on Slope Stability

Centrifugal Model Studies of Crest Loaded Slopes

Centrifugal Modeling of Shallow Foundations

Performance of Foundations Resting on Saturated Sands

Soil Properties Evaluation from Centrifugal Models and Field Performance
The performance of geotechnical projects is dependent upon the appropriateness of the design theory to the boundary conditions, and the characterization of the soil properties used in...

Centrifuge Model Studies of Piles Under Simulated Earthquake Lateral Loading

Earth Pressure on Underground Rigid Pipe in a Centrifuge
A series of centrifugal model tests on underground pipes that simulate the actual construction process were carried out to investigate the earth pressure concentration onto the pipe (particularly...

Bending Moment of Underground Flexible Pipes in a Centrifuge
The effect of several factors on bending moment of an underground flexible pipe section buried in a ditch with sheet piling was investigated experimentally by means of centrifugal model...

Aggregation and Consolidation of Phosphatic Clays
The consolidation behavior of aggregated phosphatic clays has been investigated using a bench scale centrifuge. It was determined that aggregation of the clays with phosphogypsum, a waste...

Centrifuge Model Testing with Dynamic and Cyclic Loads
This paper examines the use of small-scale tests on centrifuges to study a wide range of problems in soil dynamics - including machine foundations, structures and explosion effects. The...

Centrifugal Modeling of Ice Forces on Single Piles
The ice forces and ice floe failure mechanisms associated with an ice sheet surrounding a vertical cylindrical pile were evaluated. A test system was developed to model ice forces in gravity...

General Report: Centrifuge Modelling of Time Dependent

Selfweight Consolidation of Very Soft Clay by Centrifuge
This paper reports a series of selfweight consolidation tests and their analysis by Mikasa's consolidation theory. The tests covered a coastal reclamation project and the...

Validating Predictions of Tailing Embankment Behavior with the Centrifuge

Centrifuge Modeling of Earth Dam Overtopping

Centrifuge and Analytical Modeling of Excavations in Sand

Centrifugal Modeling of Phosphatic Clay Consolidation
As a by-product of beneficiation, quantities of dilute clay slurry are produced which are stored in retention ponds. One method of accelerating consolidation is to surcharge the clay with...

Centrifugal Modeling of Pile Foundations
Modeling of pile foundations in a centrifuge, where the self weight induced stresses in the soil are simulated by elevated gravity loading, is described. Hollow pipe piles in a stiff clay...

Geotechnical Centrifuges and Earthquake Simulator

Dynamic Centrifuge Modeling





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