Experimental and Theoretical Dynamic Compliances of Foundations
An experimental study of the dynamic behavior of surface foundations on granular soils by centrifuge modeling is presented. The test method allows a direct measurement of the complex-valued...

Application of Centrifuge Modeling Technique to Slopes and Embankments

Failure of Buried Gas Pipeline Crossing a Trench

Liquefaction Analysis for Navy Structures

The Future of Geotechnical Centrifuges

Laboratory Small Scale Modelling Tests Using the Hydraulic Gradient Similitude Method

Modeling of Mechanically Stabilized Earth Systems: A Seismic Centrifuge Study

Seismically Induced Permanent Deformations of Retaining Walls

Earth Pressure Acting on Buried Flexible Pipes in Centrifuged Models
Distributions of both normal and tangential earth pressures acting on three flexible model pipes having different wall thicknesses were successfully measured in centrifuge model tests....

FE Elastic Analysis of Measured Earth Pressure on Buried Rigid Pipes in Centrifuged Models
FE elastic analyses of earth pressure on buried rigid pipes yielded results that agreed well with the earth pressure measured in 42 centrifuged models, confirming both the reliability...

Artificial Gravity Research Facility Options
On a long duration manned mission to Mars, the physiological changes caused by microgravity may be counteracted by artificial gravity. This paper evaluates several different classes of...

The Behavior of Bridge Abutments on Clay

Large Centrifuge Modeling of Full Scale Reinforced Soil Walls

The Behaviour of Embedded Retaining Walls

The Seismic Response of Waterfront Retaining Walls

Preliminary Report on the Operation and Maintenance of Centrifuges for Dewatering Municipal Sludges

Regolith-Structure Modeling of Lunar Facilities

Improved Centrifuge Designs for High Cake Solids
The new generation of advanced centrifuges pioneered by Humboldt Wedag can readily produce 30 ± 2% TS cake on most raw and digested primary and waste activated sludge, wherein the primary...

Comparison of Centrifuge Performance on Oxygen Activated Sludge
This paper compares the performance of centrifuges processing high purity oxygen activated sludge with units processing conventional activated sludge. Comparisons are made both for thickening...

Consolidation Properties of Slurried Soils





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