Cyclic Static Model Pile Tests in a Centrifuge

Centrifugal Modeling and Numerical Analysis of the Improvement of Soft Clay under Embankment

An Attempt to Compare Image Processing and Stereophotogrammetry in Geotechnical Centrifuge Models

Post-Triggering Response of Liquefied Sand in the Free Field and Near Foundations

Seismic Deformation of Reinforced Soil Centrifuge Models

Centrifuge Studies of the Seismic Response of Reinforced Soil Slopes

Validation of Site Characterization Method for the Study of Dynamic Pore Pressure Response

Remediation of Embankment Liquefiable Foundation by Densification

Dynamic Behavior of Unsaturated Soil Embankments

Seismic Stability of Coal-Waste Tailing Dams

Effect of Flexural Stiffness on Static and Dynamic Behavior of Cantilever Retaining Walls

Numerical Modeling and Simulation of Coupled Seismic Soil-Pile-Structure Interaction

Seismic Behavior of Micropile Systems

Centrifuge Modelling of Masonry Arch Bridges

Centrifuge and Numerical Modeling of Soil-Pile Interaction during Earthquake Induced Soil Liquefaction and Lateral Spreading

Seismic Analysis and Design for Soil-Pile-Structure Interactions
Pile foundations are used extensively to support structures in seismic regions around the world. For years, geotechnical engineers have neglected to consider the interaction soil-pile...

Modeling the Behavior of LNAPLs Under Hydraulic Flushing

Centrifuge Modeling of Multiphase Flow in the Vadose Zone

A New Method for Studying Diffusion in Unsaturated Soil

Centrifuge Modelling of Clay Liner Performance Characteristics





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