Coastal Benefits and Impacts of Dismantling Matilija Dam
A numerical shoreline evolution model was used to examine the shoreline changes associated with the release of 2.3 million cubic meters of beach quality sediment from behind Matilija Dam....

Modeling Residence Times: Eulerian versus Lagrangian

Use of Membrane Boundaries to Simulate Fixed and Floating Structures in GLLVHT

Modeling Three-Dimensional, Thermohaline-Driven Circulation in the Arabian Gulf

Modeling of Tide-Induced Circulation near a Strait

Spatial Decorrelation Scales in Coastal Regions: A Precursor to More Accurate Data Assimilation

Los Angeles International Airport SIMMOD Planning

Airport Modeling and Simulation: An Overview

4D Modeling and Simulation for the Modernization of Logan International Airport: A Case Study

Roadway and Curbside Traffic Simulation for Las Vegas McCarran International Airport

Simulation: A Powerful Planning Tool

Micro Use of SIMMOD for On-Airport Problem Solving

Forecasting Trans-Pacific Air Traffic by Grey Model

Hierarchy/Types of Airport Models and Simulation

Application of Modeling and Simulation for Airport Systems

A Systems Dynamics Model for the Development of China's Aviation System

Evolution and Future of SIMMOD

Modeling and Simulation in Establishing Operational Standards

Landside Simulations of Washington National Airport

Airport Modeling and Simulation
This proceedings, Airport Modeling and Simulation contains papers presented at the conference held in Arlington, Virginia, August 17-20, 1997....





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