Healthy Environments and Environmental Health

The Intergovernmental Meeting of Hemispheric Environmental Technical Experts 11/1995: Projects and Priority Issues

Integration of Biotechnology in Remediation and Pollution Prevention Activities

Geo–Environmental Concerns in North America

Implementing Technical Cooperation in North American Water Resources

Water Rights and Markets in Latin America

The Regulation of the Private Provision of Water-Related Services in Latin America

Structural Fire Design, North American Perspective

Infrastructure Opportunities in Chile
Chile has a stable government and a flourishing economy. The nation needs a drastic infrastructure upgrade to continue that prosperity. Capital is short, and the country is embarking on...

Fatal Accidents and Labor Effectiveness: The Brazilian Case

Environmental Quality, Innovative Technologies, and Sustainable Economic Development
A NAFTA Perspective
This workshop proceedings assesses the current level of environmental technologies available in key media and industrial areas and their role in enhancing environmental quality in international...

Papallacta River Basin Hydro Expansion Plan

The Bulb Turbine Design of the Nineties Applied in a Brazilian Powerplant

Reservoir Reliability Design Under Interannual Climatic and Hydrologic Variability

South-American River Navigation System and Some Ecologic Problems

Boston's Central Artery/Tunnel Project: Challenging Problems, Innovative Solutions
Boston's Central Artery/Tunnel (CA/T) Project is the largest, most complex highway project ever undertaken in the United States. Conceived a quarter centrury ago, the project...

Evaluating Earthquake Hazards
Earthquake hazards vary considerably in different parts of the country. The effect of an earthquake on telecommunication systems is influenced by the magnitude of the earthquake, the proximity...

Environmental Planning for Water Resources Development, Cuatro Cienegas Region, Coahuila, Mexico
In 1983, biological experts met at the 16th Conference on Desert Fishes at the University of Arizona. They concluded that the Cuatro Ciénegas region of Coahuila, Mexico was one of the...

Optimizing Municipal Wastewater Treatment in Cold Climates: Scale, Process and Benefits
Although conventional wisdom demands large, centralized facilities for municipal sewage treatment, much has recently been made of the potential of low tech, decentralized systems for wastewater...

Streamflows Prediction Models for the Colombian Generation System Considering El Niño Effect
A monthly and a daily prediction models for some Colombian rivers with hydropower developments were developed and implemented. Several monthly streamfiow prediction models are presented....





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