High-Performance Construction Materials and Systems
An Essential Program for America and Its Infrastructure—Executive Report
Prepared by American Concrete Institute; American Institute of Steel Construction; American Iron and Steel Institute; ASCE; Civil Engineering Research Foundation; Concrete Research and...

Behavior of Urugua-I Dam
URUGUA-I with its 76 m height is one of the higher lean roller compacted concrete dams. The project includes some outstanding features like the very low cement content and a PVC membrane...

Methods to Estimate Composition of Jet Grout Bodies

Recent European Developments in Constructing Grouted Slabs

Integration of Chemical and Cement Grouting Techniques for Controlling Mine Water Inflows through Fractured Ground

Fundamental Observations on Cement Based Grouts (1): Traditional Materials

Fundamental Observations on Cement Based Grouts (2): Microfine Cements and The Cemill® Process

Properties of Cement Grouts and Grouted Sands with Additives

Effects of Mixing on Rheological Properties of Microfine Cement Grout

Preferred Orientation of Pore Structure in Cement-Grouted Sand

Anisotropic Behavior of Cement-Grouted Sand

Rheological Properties of Microfine Cement Grouts with Additives

Hybrid Grouting Techdniques to Stabilize a Weakly Cemented Sandstone at King Talal Dam, Jordan

Effectiveness of Injected Cement Grout under Harsh Environmental Conditions

Ultrafine Cement Tests and Dam Test Grouting

Chemical Based Cement Grout System for Rock Grouting

Microfine Cement/Sodium Silicate Grout

Mechanical Properties of Microfine Cement/Sodium Silicate Grouted Sand

Use of Cement-Bentonite for Cutoff Wall Construction

Cement-Stabilized Soil for Coal Retaining Berms





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