Utilization of Phosphogypsum-Based Slag Aggregate in Portland Cement and Asphaltic Concrete Mixtures
This study centers around the potential utilization of phosphogypsum-based slag aggregate as a substitute for coarse aggregate in both portland cement and asphaltic concrete surfaces for...

Recycling Portland Cement Concrete Pavement at the Contractor's Option
This paper summarizes three portland cement concrete airfield pavement recycling projects at the Outagamie County Airport in Appleton, Wisconsin. The specifications for the projects did...

Progress in Understanding the Structure and Thermodynamics of Calcium Silicate Hydrates

Raw Water Cement-Mortar Lined Pipeline Corrosion A Case Study

Cement and Concrete: Their Interrelation in Practice

Polymer Cement Composite - A Critical Review

Fluxes and Mineralizers in the Clinkering Process

The Influence of Kiln Atmosphere on Clinker Characteristics

Characterisation of Anhydrous Cement Clinker by Backscattered Electron Imaging and Energy Dispersive X-Ray Analysis

Use of Wastes as Fuels in the Cement Industry: Pros & Cons

Hydration Mineralogy of Cementitious Coal Combustion By-Products

Hydration of Aluminate Cements

Microstructure of the Paste - Aggregate Interface, Including the Influence of Mineral Additions

Characterizing Fracture Behavior of Fiber-Reinforced Composites

Mechanical Properties, Microstructure and Durability of Portland Cement-Based Systems Containing Micro-Reinforcement

Long Term Performance of Fiber Reinforced Cements and Concretes

Advances in Strain-Hardening Cement Based Composites

Mineral Admixtures in Cements for General Use and Special Purposes

Mineral Admixtures for Concrete - An Overview of Recent Developments

Cementing Action in Non-Portland Cement Systems: Sulpho-Pozzolanic and Silico-Pozzolanic Reactivity





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