Recent Advances in the Development of High Performance Cement-Based Materials

Rheology of Fresh Concrete

Sorption of Water in Mortars and Concrete

Measuring Dielectric Properties of Concrete over Low RF

The Effect of the Interfacial Transition Zone on Concrete Properties: The Dilute Limit

A Computer Controlled Filament Winding Technique for Manufacturing Cement Based Cross-Ply Laminates

Aging Effects on Temperature Susceptibility of Polymer Modified Asphalts

Alkali-Silica Reaction in Concrete with Waste Glass as Aggregate

HMA Overlays to Rehabilitate PCC Pavements

State-of-the-Art of Roller Compacted Concrete Pavement

Durability and Long Term Performance of Cementitious Composites

Effectiveness of Blast-Furnace and Gasifier Slags at Reducing Ingress of Chloride Ions into Portland Cement Concretes in Marine Environments

High-Strength, Rapid-Setting Concrete with Blended Cement

Effect of Copper Slag on the Hydration of Blended Cementitious Mixtures

Evaluation of the Troxler Model 4430 Water-Cement Gauge
Prepared by the Highway Innovative Technology Evaluation Center, a CERF Service Center. This report describes a HITEC evaluation designed to determine...

The Return of Deep Soil Mixing
Deep soil mixing, a technique originally developed in the U.S. in the 1970s but virtually ignored because for cost reasons, is regaining acceptance here due in large part to mechanical...

Design and Construction Evaluation of a Slurry Wall at FLR Landfill Superfund Site

Calcium Bentonite, Cement, Slag, and Fly Ash as Slurry Wall Materials

Containment, Stabilization and Treatment of Contaminated Soils using Insitu Soil Mixing

Grouting Gasoline-Contaminated Sand with Microfine Cement





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