Numerical Modeling of Column Separation with Large Pressure Pulses
Liquid transients involving column separation occur in pipelines when the pressure drops to the vapor pressure of the liquid. The collapse of vapor cavities may result in short duration...

Analysis of Plastic Soil in Contact with Cavitose Bedrock
A numerical analysis has been conducted to evaluate the stress deformational response of highly plastic soils in contact with cavitose Bedrock. The numerical idealization represents the...

Basic Hydraulics of Shooting Flows over Aerators

Inservice Diagnostic Monitoring of Turbine Vibrations and Cavitation

The Importance and Measurement of Cavitation Nuclei

The Structure of Trailing Vortices

Cavitation in Cone Valves

The Design, Analysis and Manufacturing of Pickwick Landing Replacement Runners
This paper presents new computer automated techniques for the design, analysis and manufacture of Kaplan turbine blades. The inlet flow field was determined using the finite element program...

Hydraulic Machines Model Acceptance Tests
The article begins with a description of the modern test installations, giving the dimensions of the models most frequently used and the head heights. Attention is then given to the most...

Hydrodynamic Design of Large Cavitation Channel

Submerged Operation of the Fixed-Cone Valve

Some New Approaches in Certain Aspects of Cavitation Research

Gaseous Cavitation in Turbulent Pipe Flow

Characteristics of Spherical Cloud Cavity

Aerators on Spillway Chutes: Fundamentals and Applications

Optimum Design of Aeration Ramp Slots in Tunnel Spillways

Two-Dimensional Flow Calculation for Hydraulic Structures

Mathematical Modeling for a Vaned, Miter Elbow

Trapping of Immiscible Fluids in Large Cavities

Application of the BEM to Elastodynamics in a Three Dimmensional Half Space
The boundary integral equations (BIEs) are formulated for scattering problems of elastic waves by a cavity or a crack in a three dimensional half space. Two formulations based on the Green's...





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