A Good Cause for a Causeway: How Geotechnology and Project Delivery Restored a Roadway Embankment Crossing a Historically Challenging Soft Ground Site
As part of a Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) design-build project, a causeway was constructed in 2017 to replace an aging bridge in the southwest metropolitan area of Minneapolis. The causeway...

Effects of Causeway Removals on Seagrass in the Indian River Lagoon, Florida

Hydrodynamic Modeling for Assessing Engineering Alternatives for Elevating the Kennedy Causeway, Corpus Christi, Texas

West Dock Causeway Bridge Piers

Developing Construction Database Models

Environmental Effects of Beaufort Sea Causeways
Two gravel-fill causeways have been constructed into the shallow nearshore Beaufort sea on the north coast of Alaska for the development of petroleum reservoirs. These long (4-8 km) structures...

Modeling Nearshore Currents in the Vicinity of the Endicott Causeway, Alaska
The Endicott Causeway connects two oil production islands on the southern side of Stefansson Sound, about 5 km offshore of the Sagavanirktok River delta, to the mainland of the Alaskan...

Human-Induced Damage to Coastal Marine Ecosystems

Habitat Use by Fish in the Alaskan Beaufort Sea

Applications of In-Situ Filled Containers for Arctic Structures

Numerical Modeling of Scour Potential at the Breach of a Causeway

Beach Evolution Caused by Littoral Drift Barrier

Planning, Analysis, Design and Construction of 5900 Ft. (1800M) Long Causeway for Crude Oil Export

Port Feasibility Study, Nome, Alaska

Stratified Flow in Great Salt Lake Culvert
A causeway has effectively divided the Great Salt Lake in Utah into two lakes having different water-surface elevations and different densities. Exchange between the two lakes is by seepage...

Study of Fluid Movements through Causeway
The movements of fluid through the fills of a causeway are examined by a numerical model. In the mathematical formulation, a two-fluid flow system through an inhomogeneous and anisotropic...

Proposed Santa Monica Causeway Project
Routing of the new freeway, which will extend northwestward from Santa Monica, California, over land fills in the ocean rather than along the beach or inland would serve several useful...

Rincon Offshore Island and Open Causeway
Design and construction of man-made oil-production island of sand, rock and precast concrete armor in Pacific Ocean offshore from California with causeway connecting it to shoreline; design...





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