Investigation of Some Heavy Flood Hazards in Small Alpine Catchments in Austria

Flooding from Rain-on-Snow Events in the Sierra Nevada
The most damaging floods in rivers of the Sierra Nevada of California have occurred during warm storms when rain fell in snow covered catchments. These large floods in the major tributaries...

Debris Flow Events at Mountainous Creeks near Santiago, Chile- Hydrologic Analysis
One of the most important aspects in relation to peak flows magnitudes generated in mountainous catchments at the western side of the Andes facing the city of Santiago, Chile (latitude...

Flash Floods and Their Warning in Vietnam
At present, in Vietnam flash floods occur on small mountainous catchments and cause considerable damage to lives and property, to the national economy, and to the environment. The flash-flood...

Subcatchment Parameterization for Runoff Modeling Using Digital Elevation Models
Numerical algorithms are presented to estimate the length, width and slope of rectangular planes representing irregularly shaped overland contributing areas defined on raster Digital Elevation...

Simulation of Catchment Response Using RC Network
This paper describes a simple physically-based distributed parameter hydrologic model of catchment response using a network of capacitors and resistors. The effect of topography is modeled...

Flood Risk Management: New Concepts for an Objective Negotiation
It has been tested in a real situation like the Bourbre catch ment, a Rhone tributary in the Isere department, not far from Lyon (France). This catchment is 700 km large, the river is...

Evaluation of the Wilmette Runoff Control Program

Catch Basin Management: An Important CSO Technique

CHDM - Catchment Hydrology Distributed Model

Modeling Runoff and Baseflow with a Conceptual Model of Water Balance

Advances in Automated Landscape Analysis

Graphical Sizing of Small Single-Outlet Detention Basins

Catch Basin Design Based on Hydraulic Model Study

Water Quality Management Planning in Hungary: A Case Study

Small Watershed Storm Water Management Programs

Analysis of the Causes and Triggering Events of Disastrous Torrent Flood
A disastrous torrent flood on the Vlasina River of 26 June 1988 was of unprecedented intensity in Yugoslavia. The catchment area affected by the catastrophe covered more than 1000 km2...

A Derived Flood Frequency Distribution for Ungaged Catchments
Flood frequency distribution for ungaged catchments are described in the article. The various parameters that effect the flood frequency distribution are describes. Influence of the climate...

Including Uncertainty in Flood Control Design

Hydrologic Modelling of Extreme Flood on Small Mountainous Watersheds
Statistical and deterministic methods for extreme flood estimation were applied to Swiss alpine catchments to assess the application limits of each approach. Comparative results produced...





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