Development of Iron-Based Reactive Barrier Technologies for Remediation of Chlorinated Organic Contaminants in Groundwater

Kinetic Controls on the Performance of Remediation Technologies Based on Zero-Valent Iron

Reductive Dechlorination of Trichloroethylene by Iron Bimetallics

Enhanced Anaerobic Bioremediation Using Elemental Iron

Removal of Selenium in Drinking Water by Manganese Greensand, Iron Oxide-Coated Sand and Ion-Exchange Resin

Removal of Nitrates in Saturated Soils Using Zero-Valent Iron and Electrokinetic Processes

Cathodic Protection of Cast Iron Pipe

Pipeline Construction for Designers

Horizonatal Directional Drilling with Ductile Iron Pipes

Municipal Infrastructure: Innovative Trenchless Replacement Method Utilizing Bell-Less Ductile Iron Pipe, Case Studies

The Moseley Riveted Wrought Iron Arch: A National Historic Civil Engineering Landmark

Ground Attack
Buried surfaces made of concrete, ductile iron and carbon steel are susceptible to corrosion by the soil that surrounds them, but there are numerous ways that these surfaces may be protected....

Live Internal Sealing Cast Iron Gas Mains

CIPP Selected for Cast Iron Force-Main Rehabilitation

Corrosion Pitting at Ellis and Whillock Stations

NOREM: A Welder-Friendly Cavitation-Erosion Resistant Hardfacing Alloy

Infiltration as an Urban Source Control for Metal Elements and Solids

Wanamaker Department Store

Uncertainty-Based Scaling of Iron Reactive Barriers

Telling Florida's Water Story
The latest addition to the nation's family of aquariums is Tampa's recently completed Florida Aquarium. The $84 million 152,000 square foot cast-in-place concrete...





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