Wanamaker Department Store

Telling Florida's Water Story
The latest addition to the nation's family of aquariums is Tampa's recently completed Florida Aquarium. The $84 million 152,000 square foot cast-in-place concrete...

Crossing Bridges with Ductile Iron Pipe—Update 1995

Design of Pressure Class Ductile Iron Pipe on Supports

Ductile Iron Microtunneling Pipe, Non-Traditional Installation Applications

Defect Detection (Available only in Geo/Environmental Special Issue)
Sonic integrity logging technology can detect flaws in deep foundations more reliably and at less cost than conventional boring techniques. These non-destructive test tools are being used...

Impact Fractures in Historic Bridges

Deep Wastewater Circular Pumping Stations

Developments in Ductile Iron Pipe

Pressure Class Ductile Iron Pipe and Its Design

The Development and Installation of Ductile Iron Microtunneling Pipe

Polyethylene Encasement and the 1993 Revision of ANSI/AWWA C105/A21.5 Standard

Ductile Iron Pipe in Earthquake/Seismic Activity

Special Protective Coatings and Linings for Ductile Iron Pipe

A Primer on Micropiles
A major study of micropile technology has recently been funded by the Federal Highway Authority and completed by the authors. The subject is defined as a drilled and grouted, cast-in-place,...

Tests of Full-Size Pretensioned AASHTO Beams with Debonded Strands
A summary of an experimental investigation dealing with the effects of strand debonding on the flexure and shear behavior of simply supported pretensioned AASHTO beams with a cast-in-place...

Evaluation of Cast Iron Columns for Safety and Reliability
Cast iron columns exist in numerous vintage buildings. Alterations to these buildings often require analysis and modification of the structural system. This paper identifies codes that...

Restoring Freedom at the Capitol Dome
Early one morning last spring, a helicopter lifted that Statue of Freedom off its pedestal at the top of the U.S. Capitol Dome where it had stood undisturbed since shortly after the Civil...

Cask Storage Verification Test—Full Scale Test
In Japan, the cask-storage method of spent fuel will be licensed in the near future and the related R&D works (partly of the Japanese Government have been carried out mainly by...

Structural Design on Ductile Iron Pipe
The thickness class designation for Ductile Iron pipe has been changed to a pressure class designation in the 1991 revision of the C150/A21.50 ANSI standard. However, the same conservative...





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