A Different Angle
The unique, sloping shape of the VIA 57 West building is formed from cast-in-place concrete from the single, partial basement level up to the structure's 34th floor; braced galvanized steel framing completes...

Augered Cast-in-Place Piles in Limestone

Modeling Laterally Loaded ACIP Piles in Overconsolidated Clay

Toronto Takes Off
Travelers using Toronto's Pearson International Airport will soon be passing through a new, state-of-the-art terminal, the centerpiece of a 10-year airport redevelopment project....

Grand Finale
For 87 years Oklahoma's state capitol remained unfinished, the majestic cast-in-place concrete dome its designers envisioned never built. But as Oklahoma approached its centennial—to...

Constructibility of Augered Cast-In-Place Piles

Speeding Across Spain
Spain is extending its high-speed rail system—the Alta Velocidad Española (AVE)—to include a line running from Madrid to Lleida, with stops in Guadalajara and Zaragoza. The line will extend...

Closing the Gap
In 1944 Congress authorized construction of the Foothills Parkway, a 116 km highway through the Tennessee mountains along the northwestern edge of Great Smoky Mountains National Park....

Examining the Capitol Dome
The dome of the United States Capitol, designed and built from the 1850s to the 1860s, is a masterpiece of 19th-century engineering and construction. The majority of the dome is made of...

Rehabilitation of a Nineteenth Century Cast and Wrought Iron Bridge

Dynamic Process Simulation Model of Cast-in-Place Concrete Process

Factors Affecting the Earthquake Damage of Water Distribution Systems

Rehabilitation of 19th Century Water Mains

Cathodic Protection of Cast Iron Pipe

Horizonatal Directional Drilling with Ductile Iron Pipes

Municipal Infrastructure: Innovative Trenchless Replacement Method Utilizing Bell-Less Ductile Iron Pipe, Case Studies

Ground Attack
Buried surfaces made of concrete, ductile iron and carbon steel are susceptible to corrosion by the soil that surrounds them, but there are numerous ways that these surfaces may be protected....

Live Internal Sealing Cast Iron Gas Mains

CIPP Selected for Cast Iron Force-Main Rehabilitation

Corrosion Pitting at Ellis and Whillock Stations





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