Statistical Analysis of Long-Term Sea States

Statistics for Wave Crests in Heavy Seas

Use of Embedded Expert Systems in Wave Gages

Field Study on Wave Climate in Wadden Seas and in Estuaries

Directional Distributions in Wave Spectra

Parametric Modeling of Storm Wave Fields Over the Irish Sea, 1955-1993

Eight Years Wave Hindcast at the Coastal Area of the East China Sea and Estimation of Wave Climate

Wind and Wave Climate of the Black Sea: Progress of the NATO TU-WAVES Project

Wind and Wave Climate of the Sea of Marmara

Field Measurements of Wave Overtopping on Seawall Covered with Armor Units

Effects of Steep Bed Slopes on Depth-Limited Wave Breaking

Risk-Averse Reliability-Based Optimization of Sea Defenses

Modeling the Baroclinic Residual Circulation in Coastal Seas under Freshwater Influence

Assessment of the Random Choice Method for Modeling Tidal Rectification in Coastal Water Bodies

COASTMAP, An Integrated System for Monitoring and Modeling of Coastal Waters: Application to Greenwich Bay

Development of a Nowcast/Forecast System for Galveston Bay

Comparison of Observed and Forecasted Sea Levels Along the West Florida Coast

Data Assimilation Experiments with the Navy Layered Ocean Model

Evalutation of Subtidal Water Level in NOAA's Coastal Ocean Forecast System for the U.S. East Coast

Making Way for Water
The State Water Project Coastal Branch Aqueduct and Extensions brings 48,000 acre feet of water annually to 23 Southern California communities. built over five years, the project involved...





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