NewsBriefs: Scientists Suggest Warmer Oceans May Be Killing Marine Life (The Seattle Times)

Water Resources: Infrastructure Improvements to Restore Shrinking Sea

Sea Change
Desalinated seawater—considered a novelty by the United States water treatment community just five years ago—is rapidly becoming a viable water resource in this country....

Water Resources: Supreme Court Ends Long-Standing East Coast Water Dispute

Restoration: Seawall around Statue of Liberty Repaired

Water Resources: Latest Salton Sea Restoration Plan Includes Causeway

Enduring Strength
The long-term effectiveness of posttensioning in bridges depends on the resiliency of the tendons, and various factors related to construction and marine environments come into play. How...

Structures: Tennessee Expands Aquarium `to the Sea'

NewsBriefs: Microbes' Blueprints Promise Insights into Oceans (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Water Treatment: Salton Sea Plan Calls for Massive Desalination Plant

Under Sea Engineering: Underwater Project Will Wire Floor of Monterey Bay

NewsBriefs: Geological Tools Applied to Oceans (ScienceDaily)

Environmental Engineering: Venice Begins Contest Sea Gate Project

Rebuilding an Island
Following centuries of rising sea levels and pounding waves, almost all of Poplar Island had, by the 1990s, been lost to erosion in the Chesapeake Bay. Today the land is on its way back,...

Coastal Engineering: Study Suggests Many Factors Affect Erosion on Beaches with Seawalls

Water Resources: East Coast Drought Could Challenge Outdated Plans

In Situ Behavior of Breakwaters in Constantza Port—Romania
In order to build breakwaters, especially in the areas with heavy storms, a special analysis on the several factors is necessary. In addition, surveillance of time behavior of breakwaters...

Depth Measurement Using Remotely Sensed Data, Specifically A casi
The compact airborne spectrographic imager (casi) is what is referred to as an imaging spectrometer. This is an optical device that is mounted on an aircraft and used to collect high resolution...

Rhythm of Beachrock Levels in Contrasting Plate Settings: Rifting Red Sea and North American-Caribbean Plates
Sequences of beachrocks have been compared from the northern Red Sea, the North American plate (north shore of Puerto Rico), and an island of the Caribbean plate. In all these areas the...

Advances in Buoy Technology for Wind/Wave Data Collection and Analysis
Considerable advances have been made recently to reduce the cost of gathering meteorological and oceanographic data from coastal waters, especially for meteorological and oceanographic...





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