Environmental Mediation and Open-Water Disposal

Verification of Numerical Modeling of the Fate of Disposed Dredged Material

The Generation and Use of Site Specific Wave and Current Databases for Dredged Material Fate Predictions

Empirical Guidance for Siting Berms to Promote Stability or Nourishment Benefits

Integrated Acoustic Seafloor Characterization

Management of San Diego Bay Dredged Material Disposal

Preliminary Screening Studies for Dredge Disposal Options

Application of Studies on the Overboard Placement of Dredged Sediments to the Management of Disposal Sites

Development of a Long-Term Dredged Material Management Plan Chincoteague, Virginia

Geotechnical Analysis of Capped Dredged Material Mounds

Dredged Material Used in Sand-filled Containers for Scour and Erosion Control

Disposal of Contaminated Sediments in NY/NJ Harbor

Beneficial uses of dredged material principles and practice

TBP Revisited: A Ten Year Perspective on a Screening Test for Dredged Sediment Bioaccumulation Potential

Habitat Value of Offshore Dredged Material Berms for Fishery Resources

Dioxin Capping Management and Monitoring Program: Design and Implementation

Assessing the Fate of Dredged Sediments Placed in Open-Water Sites, Northern Chesapeake Bay

Dredged Material Accumulation at a Dispersive Disposal Site

Performance of Nearshore Berm Disposal at Port Canaveral, Florida

The Dioxin Capping Project at the NY Mud Dump Site





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