Environmental Fluid Mechanics -- A Review of Some Recent Results

Statistical Analyses of Acoustical Wave Velocity in Porous Seafloor

First Passage Time of Nonlinear Ship Rolling in Nonstationary Random Seas

Measures of Exceedance by Random Fields for Ocean Stress and Environmental Application

Wavelets in Random Processes Representation

Reliability Analysis of Pipeline on Elastic Seafloor

Effectiveness of Blast-Furnace and Gasifier Slags at Reducing Ingress of Chloride Ions into Portland Cement Concretes in Marine Environments

Blast Wall Bravura
Since the 1988 disaster on the Piper Alpha platform in the North Sea, which claimed 165 lives, legislation in the United Kingdom has required the operators of offshore installations to...

Central Artery/Tunnel Project Environmental Permitting of Marine Facilities

Timber Structures And the Marine Environment

An Integrated Geogrid Mattress Armouring System for Capping of Contaminated Dredge Materials

Pultruded Composite Structures for Pier, Sea Wall and Levy Applications

The Development and Rehabilitation of South Florida Bulkheads and Seawalls

Water Resources Development in a Coastal Environment

Determination of Acute Dilution Factors Based on a 1-Hour Exposure of a Drifting Aquatic Organism

Optimization of Conjunctive Use of Surface Water and Groundwater in a Coastal Zone

A Global Ocean 3-D Plume Dispersion Model

Collision of Cylinders in Random Seas

The Energetics of Ice Pile-Up: Physical Experiments

Numerical Evaluation of the Breakout Force of Embedded Objects in Cohesive Seafloor Soils





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