Behavior of Merging Plumes from Ocean Outfalls

Deposition of Dredged Sediment after Ocean Dumping

A Semi-Empirical Model for Beach Profile Evolution in Front of a Partially Reflective Structure

Semester at Sea: How to Spend a Summer Vacation

Corps of Engineers Framework for Environmental Evaluation of Dredged Material Management Alternatives

Environmental and Coastal Hydraulics
Protecting the Aquatic Habitat
This proceedings, Environmental and Coastal Hydraulics: Protecting the Aquatic Environment, contains papers presented at the 27th Congress...

Analyses of Flow and Diffusion in Arctic Seas

Edge Wave Excitation by Random Sea Waves

Regional Model of Glaciers Runoff and Its Application for Hydrological Forecasts

Rehabilitation of a Damaged Reinforced Concrete Bridge in a Marine Environment

Field Monitoring and Hydrodynamic Modeling of the Salton Sea, CA

Assessment of the Coastal Water Quality in the Southern Adriatic Sea

Air-Water Interaction, Spectral Analysis of Storm Waves and Marine Weather Forecasts. The Case of the Parsifal

Ocean Wave Attenuation due to Ice Floe Collisions

Statistics of Maximum and Conditional Run of Sea Wave Groups in the Portuguese West Coast

Reciprocal Sound Transmission Experiment for Current Measurement in the Coastal Sea

Venice Gates in Waves

Joint Hydrodynamic Model of the Delta and Mouth Off-Shore Zone of the Ural River

Sea Waves Power Converter

Study on Wave Pumping-Up Power Station





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